Hike To Trust

8:11 PM

Our life is such a journey to many things,
Through two weeks I had a journey to Thailand, at this journey I had a life time experiences, which turned my life upside down.

 I had a new eye to look to things around me and getting closer to the Quote “You have the Answer” or maybe to the quote by Rumi “You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the Whole Ocean”.

After every trip abroad I tend to take a hike, I have no idea why I am doing this but it feels really Good.

One Week after coming Back from Thailand I heard from a friend about a Hiking trip to a new destination where a few people done, it Was Jabal El Banat “Mountain of the Girls” at South Sinai in The Region of Catherine Area.

Usually, I prefer to hike Solo on my own, but this time there was a group going there.
I didn’t know anyone of the group except two mates who I hiked with them before, let’s go and take my chances, especially that people who usually hike, have this cheerful and nice spirit.

We started moving to our meeting points and then heading to our 5 hours traveling to Sinai, it was not a comfortable travel and I were eating like a crazy Pig (when I usually eat like a pig, things go really Bad).

Throughout the way, I was meditating, thinking and playing some music.
Then we arrived to our destination, where we will start our hike.

It was a good start for me, keeping my pace and feeling comfortable about my breath although the unhealthy food I kept stuffing my body with.

First Break Comes and unpromising things started to appear, as I were suffering with my breath and my knees were killing me and started to lose my pace.

“Travel reveals what people really are” saying by anonymous .. I think that this quote has said in a time where traveling was a not easy activity to do, and it is still but not so adventurous as before so I believe that getting into hard activity what really reveals what people are.

to disrupt the pain and the uncomfortable breathing I were trying to keep my mind in the state of Meditation and keep up with the group.

I don’t expect help from people, because I believe people have their own problems and their mind is usually busy with calculating and thinking and thinking about anything.

With the second break, I couldn’t really feel my knee and the pain at this moment was dreadful, the first mate was quickly been in the first lines but the other mate waited for me and was with me for a long time, by every jump my knee was getting worse and my movement become slower and slower, which made me in a very bad psychological state, because I really felt powerless and my body was braking me from anything although I had the passion.

By this time Eslam from the group (I don’t know him before) was with mostafa (my friend) helping me and checking if I am alright while the rest of the group were hurrying up and leaving people behind.

Through the way to the finish line mostafa and eslam were near me checking if everything is alright or not, by this time I started hearing people gossiping that why do we have disabled people making us late? Others were saying who gets late we will leave them behind (101 Hiking we don’t leave people behind)

The whole group were not a trustworthy people and I could not really feel safe with those, because I knew if I had an issue they will simply move on and leave me rotten except mostafa and eslam.

This trip might not the best ever adventure I had, but I love it and consider it one of my favorite because it has educated me about people I should trust and people I should eliminate out of my trust circles, also it has made me so certain that the best hiking is The Solo Hiking.

Photo Credits to Amr.

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