How 8 minute meditation became 2 hours inner peace time

3:35 PM

I remember the first time I heard about meditation was a joke among some people making fun of people who believes in meditation and the way to inner peace.

Why not?
I started searching and looking for the answer are those meditators really shallow crazy hippies as some call them or is there something happening there?

In coincidence I see this book title “8 minute meditation” with less than 100 pages! are you kidding me?
Is this even possible ? Only 8 minute without anything, just sitting there in a private place and close eyes and this is all.
Apparently, it is not all.
I closed my eyes and went on a trip through my mind, and it was amazing.
For a year I was following the 8 minute meditation till someone on the other side of the world was packing to visit Egypt, to the south to Aswan to do her first meditation retreat called MINA (peace in a local language).

It was a complete sweet coincidence to see the ad about the event “MINA meditation retreat”.
And there I met yana yaneva, a very strong lady who inspires me personally.
Yana is a certified meditation trainer and traveled around the world, quitting the routine life and recovering from life wounds, and sharing her inner light and peace with everyone regardless of their race, color, genre and religion.
Through two days of inner peace time (meditation sessions), yoga and other peaceful activities as helping the locals in their daily life as cleaning, keeping our mobile phone switched off and isolated from the daily hassle we have in our lives.
Different people from different backgrounds could smoothly melt in each other, forming a beautiful human reflections.
One of the remarkable experiences, when we visited a nice island in the Nile, which has no water station, and the locals have to hike almost 3 kilos ascending and descending to get their daily needs of water, some of us cried and others experienced and a new form of humanity, new form of life.
Yana’s inspiring talks and listening to the reflections, have helped me to continue my inner peace journey, then traveling to Thailand for a meditation training and then becoming a meditation coach to help family, friends and everyone to know more about meditation and the inner peace activities.

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